Facebook has announced a new call to action that is rolling out across its family of apps!

The new option will give users the ability to go straight to a company’s Facebook messenger and strike up a conversation. For advertisers, this creates an opportunity to closely interact with your customers, especially ones that are circling down the funnel. Incorporating a personal touch like this is particularly valuable for driving leads.Facebook Messenger is now launching a variety of business policies and features which will position Messenger as a serious channel for business communication as well.

Messenger is implementing a 24-hour window for businesses to respond to incoming user messages, to ensure fast responses and better service. Outside of these 24 hours, there are “message tags,” which Facebook is currently simplifying, allowing businesses to send personalized “message tags” for specific use cases, including event reminders, post-purchase updates, and more.

For businesses who want to send promotional content, they can use sponsored messages as a fee-based option to send personal messages to users and re-engage them.

Say you start off with a general brand awareness ad. As traffic warms up, you can utilize the Facebook Pixel to build out a custom audience to run a retargeting ad. As users continue to engage with your second stage ads, you can serve them with a third ad that has a much more intentional call to action.


This new Facebook Messenger feature will now make it easier than ever for interested buyers to ask questions and gather the information they need to act.