Rebranding is a powerful marketing tool that involves regenerating a company’s name, slogan, symbol, packaging or design that gives the overall image of the company a new more appealing one to consumers. The practice of rebranding helps to engage with consumer’s subconscious mind by building an emotional bridge between the story and company as it helps companies establish a long-lasting, memorable impression on consumers as well as exceeding their expectations.

Rebranding has helped various renowned brands to illustrate their strong brand potential with their aim accomplishment and the impact that they desire to create. Experts in the domain have asserted that rebranding strategies can help your brand to boost and increase brand loyalty by up to 50%.

Here is a list of the eight most successful rebranding examples of the world’s leading companies and how it has helped them create a unique and attention-grabbing professional profile:


YouTube has revamped its logo in these last ten years. The red colored “tube” which creased over the word has been moved to the front side of the wordmark and developed into a more distinguishable symbol along with being more by the service– a play button.

Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin

The famous coffee company Dunkin Donuts have decided to drop the word “Donut” from their brand name as of a recent executive decision. This strategy was taken to expand the brands’ offers and choices to better showcase their wide range of products and to get more traction from the younger generation.

Premier League

The legendary Premier League has redesigned its bold and vibrant identity incorporating a modern take on the lion icon – a sign that is part of the competition’s legacy.


The giant brand Apple also has taken long process to rebrand its logo correctly, from 1976 Steve Jobs took complete the responsibility of creating a new branding for Apple, and made a great job for the company by introducing minimalism, modernity, and a wide range of innovation-led products, with a series of creative marketing and advertising campaigns that focused more on creativity more than the product itself.

Master Card

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Master Card also came up with a new chosen color palette that appears bright and glowing against various backgrounds.


Airbnb company switched its logo from well-focused, thoughtful and intriguing to a more appealing characterized by a polished yet comprehensive identity which has put the company in a strong and recognizable position that is widely accepted.


In 2014, PayPal completely rebranded its known logo by opting for a more young, smart, friendly and modern and attractive one, making overlapping to make it appear new and reborn.


Although being known for many years, Starbucks has also undertaken to rebrand in 2011 by dropping the “seal” structure with the name” Starbucks”. The new logo and packaging focus more on a modern, bright green color palette. It was ridiculed by design thinkers first when it was launched. However, it managed to give and remain a real example of how sometimes thinking outside the box, and exceeding norms can result in unexpected success.